Do you want a new smile?

The new tooth veneer to put on & wear every day. For more attractiveness!

Transform Yourself

For a better attitude towards life, greater recognition, more attractiveness and self-confidence!

Before/After Effect

Without a dentist!

Only at Veneera™

The Advantages

Wear daily - Wear all day

Misalignments are straightened out

Missing teeth are reproduced

Tested quality, Made in Cologne

You & others do not notice it

100% Satisfaction guarantee

The Production

The Process

Receive impression set

Make the impression

Send the impression back

Receive your custom veneer

Look Attractive & Vital 💫


How does the veneer hold/work?

It sits like a 'second skin' on your real teeth. It goes into the gaps and grooves of your teeth. In connection with saliva, this creates negative pressure. Your veneer will not slip and will hold tight! After a short period of getting used to it, you will no longer notice it.

Can I eat & drink with it?

Basically, you can eat and drink with the veneer. However, we do not recommend eating particularly hard or tough foods such as To eat bread or meat.

How long is the lifespan?

Biocompatible plastic has a minimum lifespan of several decades. A long-term test has not yet been completed.

Will my pronunciation be affected?

No - after a short period of 1-3 hours you will have got used to the veneer and your pronunciation will not be restricted in any way. The veneer is designed to be extra narrow, which ensures a natural feel. Nobody will discover your secret unless you tell about it.

Are misalignments compensated for?

Yes - crooked teeth are evened out. This means that the tooth veneer compensates for the curve at the appropriate points with additional veneer material. The result is an almost flawless bite curve with an even curve.

I am missing real teeth. Is it still possible?

Yes - gaps will be closed. In the place where there is no real tooth, the artificial veneer tooth is kept thicker. This gives you a uniform look. In order to be able to guarantee a firm hold, 6 real teeth are required for the respective set of teeth.

Does it work with crowns, bridges, prostheses, etc.?

Yes - the veneer can be adjusted as usual. The natural teeth as well as existing dentures are cleaned as usual before fitting or after they are removed. Please note that the Veneera tooth veneer is not a substitute for medical dentures and is only used for cosmetic purposes.

Impression-Set delivery time: 6-10 Working days

Finished veneer: Ø10 Working days

Customer Show

In 2 Color

Would you like a natural look or would you prefer to spray glamor like in Hollywood?

The New Development

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Choose your smile

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Lower = Unten
Upper & Lower = Oben & Unten

Farbe = Color

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Lower = Unten
Upper & Lower = Oben & Unten

Farbe = Color


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